Since the Chapters "Fight for flight" and "The Rescue" feature

the Return of the Boxcars,

this page will show what happens after the end of 2002. Since it is seriously winter in Alaska, the Boxcars are hibernating right now, while the BoxcarBunch makes arrangements for the coming summer season....Still true in the February of 2007, but we got a new engine ready for the N1394N C119, which was and still is sitting around with one engine missing.

Spring and Summer 2003:
Next 3 pictures by Steve Kinder, GB
Pictures 4 to 7 by Robert Gleitsmann, Germany
Pictures 8 to 16 by Michael Prophet, Netherlands,
All following Pictures by Lars Gleitsmann,
Picture 12:
left John Reffett, Owner & Flight Engineer; right Capt Roger Bartels, Chief Pilot
Picture 13: Lars Gleitsmann, Co-pilot, in N1394N Cockpit
Picture 23: Our support vehicles: Stepvan(self propelled toolbox) & Motorhome(Office)
(The Bendix Motorhome was donated by Curtis Rose, Palmer,AK. = Many Thanks!)
Palmer municipal airport, Palmer, Alaska